Magic Money Maze Slot Review

Magic Money Maze Slot Review
June 30, 2022

Magic Money Maze Slot Review

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Slot machines with a financial theme are not precisely uncommon, although they are less prevalent when the symbols are dollar bills and the presidents of the country. Pragmatic Play is the publisher of Magic Money Maze, thus you can anticipate that it will be more expensive than most of their releases.

There are 10 active lines in Magic Money Maze’s 5×3 reel configuration. If you can also obtain a slot machine with an RTP of 96.61 percent, wins of 10,000 times your initial investment should prove to be very inspiring. The Magic Money Maze Board is one of the features to watch out for because of all the additional modifiers and multipliers that make it more potent.

Betting and Prizes

Magic Money Maze lets you experiment with your wagers, starting with $0.10 and maybe rising to $50 from there.

When it comes to prizes, Magic Money Maze will deliver, which is essentially what you’d want in a slot machine with a financial theme. The maximum payout is $10,000x the stake, which translates to a top prize of $500,000 for individuals placing the maximum wager.

The best RTP value out of three possible values is 96.61 percent. If you can’t find a slot with that RTP, 95.51 percent is the next-best choice. The third one, with a 94.53 percent, I would stay away from.

Features of the Magic Money Maze Slot

The bonus game in Magic Money Maze is where much of the action takes place and where most of the potential is found. If you land at least three bonus symbols anywhere on the reels, you’ll be able to access the Board Bonus. Then, for 3, 4, or 5 bonus symbols, 1, 2, or 4 lives are offered, correspondingly.

When it does, a game area with 7×7 symbols loads up on the features (49 total). The player is represented by a monkey head that randomly appears adjacent to the outer edge.

A number of Hearts, Snakes, Scorpions, and Money Awards are also added to the gaming area.

Additionally, there are Presidents at the corners of the game, arrows adjacent to the boundaries, and Maze symbols in the middle.

You determine how many moves the Monkey token that symbolises you will make when you roll the dice. There are various possible results depending on the square you land on:

  • Up to 1,000 times the stake in cash prizes.
  • One of your remaining lives will be taken by scorpions or snakes.
  • Hearts will grant you a more life (up to 3 can be collected).
  • When you have two to four presidents, you will receive multipliers of 2x to 10x.
  • You should move in the direction indicated by the arrows.

Design and theme

They have a slot machine with a financial theme that is specifically for dollars. The most valuable presidents of the United States will appear as symbols. The background is likewise filled with the green that is associated with these currencies.

The Royals are available as symbols; they offer lesser winnings (10 to A). Presidents and the symbols of the Snake and Scorpio follow (Lincoln, Hamilton, Franklin, and Washington).


Magic Money Maze isn’t your usual slot machine, but if you’re looking for a unique experience, it can be fun. Try this one if you’re tired with the typical slot machines.