Pakistan vs Afghanistan 2nd T20 Match Review

Pakistan vs Afghanistan 2nd T20 Match Review
March 25, 2023

Pakistan vs Afghanistan 2nd T20 Match Review

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We have seen a good change in the T20 format. Yes, Afghanistan beat Pakistan after a long time. The same side did well for 1st time. The review has consisted of the latest performance, head-to-head, squads, odds, tips, predictions, goals in the league, and much more. All the data have been taken from official sources. We are not responsible for any change in the result. Let’s see which is a better side to win the ga,e of you face any issues, then you can take and compare more and more data.


If we see the Pakistan lineup, then you can expect some change in that team. After losing in the 1st game of three matches, we are also expecting to add Iftikhar Ahmad in this game. Let’s see which will be the final lineup for this game.

Latest performance

In the 1st game of the series, Pakistan won the toss and decided to bat first. Unfortunately, all the major players left the crease on just 92 runs. It was not a good score on such kind of ground. That is the reason to lose the game in the end.

If we check the batting of Pakistan, then Saim Ayoub was the only player who made 15 scores from his side. No one crossed this figure from another player. All the other major and newcomer players left the crease very cheaply.

On the other side, Afghanistan took all the important wickets at regular intervals. Now, they can beat any side of the world like Pakistan.

If we check the batting and bowling of the Pakistani side, then Afghanistan also failed to get a fast start in the game. All three major players left the crease on just 28 runs. Then, we have seen some little partnerships between the remaining players. In the end, Najib and Mohammad Nabi created a big gap between Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Ishansullah remained an outstanding player to take 2 wickets in the 1st over game. However, he failed to take any other wickets. If we see the keeping of Pakistan, then Azam Khan failed to handle the pressure in the tough times of the match.

Head to Head

Both sides faced each other four 4 times. Pakistan won 3 times, whereas Afghanistan also remained well for the 1st time in the last game.


Pakistan has a 60% chance to win. Whereas, AFG also gained a 40% chance to win.

Final Words

If you have read all the above information, then it is not a big deal to compare the two sides. After getting all the above data, we can say that Afghanistan is on the better side. They can win any game now. The same side created a lot of pressure for Pakistan in the 1st game. Moreover, the last 3 games between these two sides also created a small gap. Let’s see what is going to happen in this game of league.