Spaceman Slot Review

Spaceman Slot Review
May 5, 2022

Spaceman Slot Review

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In the next months, Pragmatic Play plans to unveil a completely new space-themed slot machine. Its name is Spaceman, and it is set to launch at the end of March. This company has a lot of new games in the works, but they always seem to pull it off, so I’m expecting Spaceman to be entertaining as well. The outcome will wow you as well, since the action is unlike anything you’ve seen before in online slots.

Spaceman is a multiplayer online game that the developer refers it as a slot machine, despite the fact that there are no actual reels or lines. Your only goal is to pay out before Spaceman crashes, so the action is simple. At certain levels, auto cashout options are available, as well as the ability to do so at certain stages (50 percent for the first cashout option).

Prizes and Betting

The stakes in Spaceman will start at $1 and can go as high as $100.

The biggest jackpot on Spaceman is 5,000 times the bet. Any player needs a slot machine with a high RTP, and we know that Spaceman can return up to 96.50 percent of what is wagered within. Although this is a number that pertains to the slot’s long-term performance rather than to the fortunes of a single player, it still offers you a good notion of how fair it can be.

Features of the Spaceman Slot

This isn’t quite a slot machine, at least not in the traditional sense.

It will begin by allowing you to choose a bet and then confirm it for each round. Because this is a multiplayer game, the spins begin automatically after a countdown.

When the game begins, Spaceman will begin to ascend, and the value of the round’s prize will gradually increase. Spaceman will crash at some point in the future. Before he crashes, you must press the Cashout button to claim whatever prize level you are at at the time.

You can arrange the Auto Cashout feature to occur automatically at particular levels. There’s also the option to Auto Cashout 50% of the wagered amount at a lower value, allowing you to plan ahead with the risks you’re incurring.

There is no talent involved with this game; everything is random. There is an element of luck in the game as the game can go either ways. However, it is still worth the try.

Design & Theme

Spaceman does not have any reels or symbols. The astronaut will be flying skyward, with planets from our solar system visible in the background, in this multiplayer game. The animations are cute and modern, but they don’t resemble a slot machine at all.


A game like Spaceman could be a good way to break up from the normal slot machines that Pragmatic Play releases on a weekly basis. It is, however, a different sensation than you may be used to. This is a low stake slot with 96.50 percent RTP, not bad for a slot.